A Peer Perspective on Self-care


“My pets are key to my recovery from everything. They need and require my loving care to survive and thrive, and that responsibility can always get me out of bed, even on the darkest days. They love me unconditionally and are always happy to see me. If you have never seen a happy chicken running towards you, it’s an amazing experience.” 
Molly Griggs, Peer Support Specialist for Washington County CHOICE Model

“Storytelling has been a part of my life since childhood, so when I got sober in 2009, I got a chance to tell my whole story and to embrace some really difficult painful stuff. By speaking at meetings, writing, blogging and posting on social media about my recovery, I share my story so maybe it can help other people and because it helps me too.”  
Sean Mahoney, Peer Support Specialist for OHSU Impact Team

“The biggest thing I do for self-care is floating. Sensory deprivation tanks have done so much for me to help with my anxiety. Floating helps me to access a meditative state and allows me to find quietude, which is no small thing for me. It’s like a mental reset. The first time I floated was the first time I felt totally alone and totally safe, which was a huge turning point for me in my recovery. That’s not to mention all of the physical benefits!”
Kaity McCraw, Development & Communications Coordinator

“I love to spend time with family and friends, bicycling, movies, motorcycles, hiking waterfalls or drives to the beach. I accept who I am and try to love myself with words of affirmations, music, deep breathing and eating healthy.”
Michelle Markus, Peer Support Specialist for Washington County CHOICE Model

“For my personal self-care, I have a monthly appointment with my masseuse. Within our organization I check in with my team and supervisor in order to debrief, which is important for self-care while on the job.” 
Teana Edwards, Peerlink Project Coordinator

“I've always loved being outside since I was a child.  I'm a camper, hiker, kayaker, and bicyclist.  My children and I get outside whenever we are rain-free, even if it's just to take a short walk.  When my mind is cluttered, I make sure to get outside, even just for a minute, so I can change my atmosphere and use my other senses to clear my head.”  
Brenda Mitchell, Peer Support Specialist for Clackamas County Behavioral Health Unit

“I go on adventures! I like being in the outdoors, and enjoy back-country hiking and camping. I love reading books and recording music. I also eat way too much ice cream. Ha!”
Geoffrey Moser, Peer Support Specialist for Clackamas County Behavioral Health Unit

“Safe-care for me is a thing that is far and few between, being a mother of 6 children and a student, but when I do have the extra time self-care, I make sure that I continue seeing a counselor for my own mental health. Some other things I enjoy doing is coloring my hair and getting my nails done.”
Emily Privatsky, HR Assistant

“I love to stay active, go to 12 step meetings, run, swim, workout, explore with my little boy in the woods, and read.”
David Barrett, Peer Support Specialist for Clackamas County

“One thing I like to do for fun is to play the violin. I also enjoy spending time with the people close to me such as my boyfriend, kids, and my dog. We do things together like going bowling, skating, out to the movies It’s the simple things in life that make me the happiest these days.”
Amy Stocker, Peer Support Specialist for OHSU Impact Team

Kaity McCraw