Amy Stocker, PSS
Peer Support Specialist for OHSU’s IMPACT Team

From the age of 5, Amy’s life was filled with trauma, beginning when Amy’s dad died in a sudden accident. Amy found herself seeking out a variety of maladaptive coping mechanisms to hide the inner turmoil that she was feeling. As the trauma’s continued to compound over the next 25 years, the negative coping skills became greater and more harmful. In 2002, while deeply involved in a DV relationship, Amy had major surgery. The introduction of prescription narcotics would forever change Amy’s life. Over the next 4 years, Amy’s life spiraled out of control, landing her in Drug Court, and subsequently being revoked and sent to prison. It was at that moment, having to leave behind a 6 day old child, that Amy made the decision to change.

Since that time, Amy has worked to ensure that her children, now 8 and 10, are afforded the safety and opportunities that she was not given as a child. Amy has also dedicated her life to giving back to other recovering addicts, and believes deeply in each peer’s ability to choose their own path of recovery. Amy has been providing peer support since 2014, and has worked in case managed housing, IOP, residential, detox, Child Welfare, and Community Corrections. Amy is excited about the opportunity to work with OHSU’s IMPACT Team, and to use her 10 years of sobriety and experiences to provide hope to those she meets. 

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