EVOLVE Peer Delivered Services offers an array of support options for individuals seeking something different. Individuals enrolled in our program work with a team of Peer Support Specialists, who identify as having lived experience of mental health and/or addiction challenges, have made a commitment to their own recovery, have been specially trained and certified, and are willing to walk beside and support individuals navigating their own recovery journey.


MHAAO offers peer support services in the greater Portland area. Please note that only the EVOLVE Clackamas has an open referral system. To submit a referral, please download the referral form and email the completed form to referrals@mhaoforegon.org.

For more information regarding our Peer Support Services, please contact our office at 503-922-2377, or email evolveinfo@mhaoforegon.org. Our referral form can be found below.


Peer Support is a peer recovery practice involving listening, mutual learning, respect and hope. Peer Support happens when someone who has been there comes alongside a person to listen and accompany them, providing connection and context for each person's unique recovery journey. 

Those who provide authentic peer support believe in recovery and work to promote these values: 

  • Recovery is a choice

  • Recovery is unique to the individual

  • Recovery is a journey, not a destination

  • Focusing on strengths allows a person to recognize their potential and to make new choices

  • Self-directed recovery is possible for everyone, with or without professional help (including the help of peer specialists or peer providers)

Healing and growing are natural. Let us walk with you along the way.