MHAO's O'Nesha Cochran was interviewed by KATU2 on her work as a Peer Support Specialist!!!

PORTLAND, Ore. — Many of us have friends or family members who have felt the effects and heartache of drug addiction, but one woman gives us hope that life can be turned around.


O’Nesha Cochran is using her life experiences as a bridge for others on their road to recovery.

Unity Center Grand Opening.

After a long period of planning and construction, the Unity Center for Behavioral Health has opened its doors to those who may be experiencing a mental health crisis.

The $40 million facility is open 24 hours a day and was built in a partnership between Legacy Health, Adventist Health, Kaiser Permanente and Oregon Health and Science University. It holds 80 adult beds and 22 beds for youth age nine through 17.

mental health ASSOCIATION of oregon

Mental Health Association of Oregon has been in existence in various capacities since the 1970s. MHAO is currently a 501(c)(3) organization, with more than 35 years of experience as a consumer-run advocacy, education and networking organization.

our mission

MHAO is an inclusive grassroots organization of persons dedicated to empowering consumer/peer voice and recovery through services, education, and policies that foster wellness and full participation in the community.

Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) is Oregon’s designated Protection & Advocacy (P&A) System. DRO works to uphold the legal rights of people with disabilities. DRO promotes Opportunity, Access and Choice for individuals with disabilities. We assist with legal problems directly related to disabilities.

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