Stopping the Cycle

Oregon launches review of criminal justice, behavioral health systems

This is an excerpt from a story that was done on the review. See the full story HERE.

The state brought together a group of 28 different individuals around the state, from law enforcement to mental health experts. This group has been tasked with finding ways to address people who are constantly going through jails, the courts, and health system.

Janie Gullickson, Executive Director of MHAO, was recently interviewed by Fox12 Oregon news about being asked by the governor to sit on this committee. Here are some quotes by Janie Gullickson from Fox12 Oregon news:

“Part of me was relieved to either get picked up by law enforcement, or go into an emergency department, because I might get a meal and a warm place to sleep that was safe. I was in the cycle of the emergency departments, county jails, between two separate counties … eventually led me to the state corrections to women’s prison.”

“I feel very fortunate that I was able to find employment, go back to school, starting with the GED in jail to a graduate degree from PSU. I have that pinch me moment almost every day that I walk home and I’m able to open the door of a house I own. Do my laundry in that house, go to a job that I love.”