The Living Room

24-Hour Mental Health Crisis Alternative

This is an excerpt from an article by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz on 9/28/2018 for Advocates, Inc. See the full story HERE.

In MetroWest Massachusetts, adults experiencing mental health crisis have a new choice of where to turn for help: The Living Room at 284 Union Avenue, Framingham, a Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership grant-funded program of human services provider, Advocates. …

No referral is necessary to visit the comfortable, home-like location, which is staffed entirely by trained, certified peer specialists whose expertise includes their lived experience in mental health recovery.

The Living Room creates an interaction that is entirely voluntary, and focused on respect, mutuality, and trust. Peer specialists don’t administer medications or take clinical notes. Instead they use their expertise and personal stories to inspire hope and demonstrate that recovery is possible for everyone.

Photo credit @AdvocatesInc

Photo credit @AdvocatesInc