This Hearing Voices Facilitators Training, presented by Kate Hill and John Herold, will give you the skills and knowledge to run Hearing Voices and Extreme States support groups! Hearing Voices Groups (also called Voices, Visions and Extreme States groups) are a peer-led place to share and explore voices and any other kind of unusual and extreme experience, in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. These states are sometimes labeled psychosis, but HVN embraces a much wider view of human possibility. 


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MHAO is an inclusive grassroots organization of persons dedicated to empowering consumer/peer voice and recovery through services, education, and policies that foster wellness and full participation in the community.

mental health ASSOCIATION of oregon

Mental Health Association of Oregon has been in existence in various capacities since the 1970s. MHAO is currently a 501(c)(3) organization, with more than 35 years of experience as a consumer-run advocacy, education and networking organization.