Traci Lundy, CRM, PSS
Peer Support Specialist for OHSU Impact Team

At the age of 13, Traci started using drugs and alcohol. She struggled with addiction for 27 years, and ultimately lost custody of her 5 kids to DHS in 2005 for two years. When Traci was arrested in August 26, 2014, she found the willingness to want to change her life. Since that moment, she has never looked back, and has pushed forward no matter what was going on in her life.

Today, Traci uses her lived experience in both mental health and addiction as a CRM and PSS. She gets to walk alongside addicts like herself and help them find their path to recovery and to rise up and overcome their challenges. She sees her job as being a bridge to access the tools and support that is available to anyone who wants it. Traci sees herself as a source of strength, especially after everything she has been through and hopes to show others that recovery is possible. Traci has worked as a CRM in hospitals, jails, IOP, and in her local community. Coming to MHAAO is the next part of her journey.

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