Sean Mahoney, PWS, CRM
Peer Support Specialist for OHSU Impact Team

For teenage drug user and drinker Sean Paul Mahoney, the future didn’t always look bright. Growing up in Colorado, Sean started using at age 14, had an alcohol related arrest at age 15 and was using cocaine at age 17. Sean’s addictions landed him into the rave and club scenes of the 1990’s and early 2000’s in Los Angeles. After hitting a painful rock bottom in 2009, Sean got sober at age 36 in Santa Monica, CA.

Since then Sean, a writer and storyteller since childhood, has written about his journey in sobriety for dozens of websites and magazines like and Addiction Unscripted. Using candor and humor, his writing has connected him globally to bloggers, podcasters and publishers, all speaking frankly about recovery and mental illness. As a sober, openly gay man living with HIV, Sean has found talking about his recovery not helps him heal but helps others too. Sean is also a public speaker who has appeared on panels as well as several podcasts.

New to the role of Peer Support Specialist and having just moved to Portland last spring, Sean is excited to take his passions for helping people and talking about recovery to new a whole new level.

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