Tee Branch, PSS, CHW, CRM
Peer Support Specialist for JOIN

“I am the true definition of what redemption looks like.”

Tee Branch spent a significant amount time traveling down a road that only offered drugs, gangs and violence. She learned while traveling that the worst things in your life can also be the blessings in your life. Unlike most, she stayed on that road but made a solemn promise to herself that once she reached the next intersection, she would make a drastic u-turn. Unbeknownst to herself as to what awaited her, she was able to gain her certification as a Domestic Violence Advocate, Community Health Worker, Peer Support Specialist (Adult Addiction), Intentional Peer Support Specialist, and a Certified Recovery Mentor. She also sits on the board for the Oregon Islamic Chaplain Organization.

As she continues on her journey of redemption, it is Tee’s confirmation as to how important, powerful, and rewarding it is to be a Peer Support Specialist.

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