Roumaldo Guajardo Jr, PSS, ISP, BS
Washington County Jail Peer Mentor

Roumaldo Guajardo has a long family history of alcoholism, drug use, and criminal activity. He began using drugs and alcohol when he was 8 years old, out of a curiosity about what was going on around him. As a young teenager, he got involved with gang members. He tried at various points to get out of that lifestyle, joining a breakdancing group, getting into boxing and martial arts, playing football and basketball. However, he was not accepted by the other children due to his reputation for being involved with gangs. When he was 16, his older brother committed suicide. This event inspired attempts from some of Roumaldo’s other family members, as well as himself. From this point, Roumaldo returned to his life of criminal activity and drug use.

It was not until he found himself in Washington County Drug Court in 2006, receiving treatment for the first time, that his life began to turn around. He graduated from Drug Court in 13 months, and then helped to start the Homeless to Work program with Bridges to Change. He also began going to college and obtained his Bachelors of Science for Business Administration in Supply and Logistics Management. He then decided to give back to the program that helped change his life, and got his first job with Coda Inc. as a Washington County Drug Court Mentor. His next move was to serve as a Peer Support Specialist for Volunteers of America’s Latino program. Then he worked for Empowerment Clinic for 2 years as a Forensics Mentor and Counselor for Washington County Jail. Roumaldo has 11 years clean. He is part of the Narcotics Anonymous Fellowship and participates with services within the program. As he works toward obtaining his CADC 1 certification through the Empowerment Clinic, he is also continuing his work as the Forensics Mentor for the Washington County Jail through MHAAO.

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