Consumer & Consumer-Supporter National Technical Assistance Centers

Cafe TA Center


The CAFÉ TA Center is a program of The Family Café, a cross-disability organization that has been connecting individuals with information, training and resources for more than twelve years. The Center is supported by SAMHSA to operate one of its five national technical assistance centers; providing technical assistance, training, and resources that facilitate the restructuring of the mental health system through effective consumer directed approaches for adults with serious mental illnesses across the country.

National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Clearinghouse


The Clearinghouse works to foster consumer empowerment through our website, up-to-date news and information announcements, a directory of consumer-driven services, electronic and printed publications, training packages, and individual and onsite consultation. We help consumers organize coalitions, establish self-help groups and other consumer-driven services, advocate for mental health reform, and fight the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illnesses. We also strive to help the movement grow by supporting consumer involvement in planning and evaluating mental health services, and encouraging traditional providers and other societal groups to accept people with psychiatric disabilities as equals and full partners in treatment and in society.

National Empowerment Center Technical Assistance Center


NEC staff bring unique experience in organizing and developing consumer-run organizations, and helping individuals and groups develop the knowledge and ability to transform the mental health service system toward a more recovery-oriented and consumer-and family-driven approach. Each has experience running organizations, nurturing the process of recovery in individuals and groups, and strong skills as educators. This team is available to individuals, organizations, service systems, and family members looking for a speaker or for technical assistance, training, and consultation.

Peerlink National Technical Assistance Center


Peerlink National Technical Assistance Center is a project of Mental Health America of Oregon, a 501(c) (3) organization and is a federally funded national consumer/survivor technical assistance center through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Peerlink works to strengthen the capacity and infrastructure of peer-run programs and traditional mental health organizations.  We also work with generic community agencies to increase their capacity to provide services to people diagnoses with mental illness that facilitate and promote social inclusion. We offer training in organizational development, employment, financial self-sufficiency and wellness services to people who use/have used mental health services and generic community agencies. Peerlink facilitates peer-run programs to move beyond focusing on general support and advocacy to promoting social inclusion strategies. We believe that people diagnosed with mental illness are empowered by working, having financial resources, and participating in their communities as informed and healthy citizens.

NAMI Star Center


The STAR Center provides Support, Technical Assistance and Resources to assist consumer-operated and consumer-supporter programs in meeting the needs of under-served populations.  Specifically, the STAR Center’s focus areas are cultural competence and diversity in the context of mental health recovery and consumer self-help and self-empowerment.  Although we are a national technical assistance center, the following regions have been designated as STAR Center focus regions/states:  Washington DC, Rhode Island, New Mexico, and Puerto Rico.