O'Nesha Cochran, AAS, PWS, CRM
Peer Support Specialist for OHSU Impact Team
OPTIC Program Facilitator

Alcohol and Drug Studies.  She is the recipient of the Black United College Fund, NAYA, and several PCC Foundation scholarships. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the All USA Academic Team, (2015), and served on student government, as the Native Nations Club Coordinator. She is currently attending classes working toward an Under Grad Degree in Social Work.

O’Nesha is a living testimony of what success, recovery and reentry into society can look like if addiction and reentry needs are cultivated and put into practice. She has lived life experience, consisting of, 20+ years in addiction, and incarceration. Because of these experiences, she is passionate about helping other addicts learn to live a life of self-sufficiency.

O’Nesha is a popular motivational speaker, and facilitator. She is always willing to train new mentors and/or facilitate individual or group therapy.

Mrs. Cochran comes highly recommended, and has an array of references stemming from recovery organizations, the office of Probation and Parole, and many instructors from the educational community.


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