Mihaela Dimitriu

Mihaela graduated from the Economic Academy of Bucharest in Romania in 1993, and has worked in the Accounting/Taxation field ever since, improving her experience with every step she takes. She worked as a Chartered Accountant for 5 years before she left Romania. In 2005, she came to the US which put her on a different track, but didn’t alter her direction. She became a Certified Bookkeeper in 2008, an Enrolled Agent with the IRS (tax preparation field) in 2010, and a Licensed Tax Consultant (OR Board of Tax Practitioners) in 2010.

Mihaela started working for non-profits in 2008 and had great opportunities for improving her knowledge and skills, and working with diverse staff dedicated to their roles promoting their non-profits missions and helping others. She is looking forward to growing together with MHAO and helping with her role as the Accountant.

When she’s not working, Mihaela is busy with her son, schooling, and finding fun things to do in the outdoors. She likes traveling, camping, music festivals, dancing, and cooking.

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