Kasey Perdue
Administrative Assistant

Kasey is fascinated with the human experience, and loves to study the nuance of our world and culture through books, podcasts, traveling and vulnerable conversations. She loves yoga, and is an instructor focused on the mind-body connection. She is a Virginia native, and has been enjoying exploring the PNW the past year.

With her own lived experience with mental health struggles, Kasey comes to MHAAO with the belief that a safe community is where healing begins. She is excited to work with MHAAO to support the team in providing accessible support, and keep the conversation going to erase stigma! Kasey studied business and marketing in school with a focus on social change, so she offers knowledge of proven systems and processes, as well as more abstract business models. She brings diverse professional experience, and has, most recently, been working with a holistic wellness center helping guide and support clients through their personal health journey. She loves helping people find their way to their best selves, and is excited to be a part of a team that does just that!

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