Kasey Edwards, PSS, CBD, CRM
Peer Support Specialist for Providence Project Nurture
Birth Doula

Kasey is a unique and multi-talented individual who has overcome a significant history of both mental health and substance abuse experiences. She has a huge heart, substantial drive to connect with and support everyone she meets, and wants nothing more than to serve as a tool and an ally to assist those in need. Her work with MHAAO, and previously Outside In, has allowed her to do just that.

Every day, Kasey gets to walk with many people through their journey. She feels it is a privilege to be able to hold their hand as they figure out what’s next, and to assist them with her unique skill set. Kasey currently is a Certified Peer Support Specialist, Certified Recovery Mentor and QMHA. Kasey enjoys being out in the wilderness for long periods of time without cell service, Paintball and doing science experiments with her seven year old daughter Ivy.


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