Jessica Cardinal, CRM, PSS
Peer Support Specialist for Washington County Juvenile Drug Court

Jessica identifies as someone in long term recovery, which means she hasn’t had drugs or a drink since July 15, 2014. With the support of the 12-step community, Jessica has found the freedom from active addiction. Today, she is married to someone who shares the same passion for recovery, and they are able to give their two-year old son the life he deserves. Jessica believes that no addict deserves to suffer, and that everyone deserves the chance to live life free from active addiction.

Jessica is very passionate about advocating for change in our communities and bringing awareness to the issues surrounding addiction and mental health. She currently is enrolled in school, working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. In her down time, her family enjoys being outdoors, going on hikes, fishing, watching football (Go Ducks!), and living the life she only used to dream of.

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