Donita Diamata
Peerlink Program Director

With more than twenty years of involvement in the Consumer/Survivor Movement, Donita Diamata is guided by her personal experiences as a mental health service recipient and through working in the mental health system. From these experiences, which have ranged from traumatic to uplifting, Donita has adopted an intuitive approach to how she offers support and how she develops programs.

Donita’s work experience includes providing direct peer-support, the implementation and management of peer-run programs, individual advocacy, and advocacy for change in the mental health system broadly. After working in peer-run programs, traditional mental health clinics, and residential facilities, she continues to advocate for change that gives recipients options that work best for them. She also strongly advocates for services that are holistic and life-enriching. Her current role as Peerlink Director allows her to continue her passion for advocacy and support for peer-delivered services.

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