Craig Burkhert, PSS, CADC I
Peer Support Specialist for Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Behavioral Health Unit

Craig lived through a difficult childhood and as a result, found solace in meth at the age of 18. Eventually, meth didn’t help him anymore, and ended up wrecking his life. Early in 2010, he received a possession charge and was given the option of prison or drug court. He moved to Portland to go to De Paul for treatment. In this new city, he had to learn how to navigate various systems, and how to survive with nothing but food stamps. For the first year and a half after treatment at De Paul, he worked horrible jobs because most places wouldn’t hire him. It was hard to work sometimes, as the court wanted him there or in treatment all the time.

In February of 2012, he began working as a peer at Outside In, and has been doing peer counseling work in various settings since. Early in 2014, he graduated from drug court and in mid-2015, he attained certifications as a CADC I, NCPRSS, and PSS. Since his recovery began, he has found clinical support useful at times. However, the most important thing to him was connecting with others who were similarly dedicated to learning, growing, and having fun. Craig’s hope is to provide each peer he supports with the same opportunity of experiencing a life in recovery, each moment, one moment at a time.

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