Cee Carver, PSS, CRM, CGRM
Program Supervisor

Cee Carver graduated from PCC with an associates’ degree in Biology. She also attended Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR. She worked for a number of years at the housing authority of Portland, initially as a Resident Specialist at the Bud Clark Commons; a harm reduction facility that uses housing first principles to assist individuals in successfully transitioning out of homelessness and addiction. There she supported many struggling individuals as they attempted to find community resources and inner strengths that could help them live a more balanced life. Later, she became a part of the Home Forward maintenance team and enjoyed working on building systems.

In the words of Cee, "for me, peer support is about approaching another person’s reality with respect and curiosity. In a way, it’s like entering into another person’s experience, taking a look around, validating where they are at in life and asking questions that can help you understand where they want to be. Then you build a map together. You figure out what the next best step is, together. It’s believing in people. Believing in their ability to make their life what they want it to be and having the interest in helping them get there, because you know that, without some help along the way, you wouldn’t have made it. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone flourish on their own terms. To watch and cheer them on as they gain confidence in themselves and to see the complications that were weighing them down start to lift."

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