Cee Carver, PSS, CGRM
EVOLVE West Department Director

Cee Carver has worked at MHAAO as a Peer Support Specialist, Program Coordinator, Supervisor, and currently as Director for EVOLVE West, where Cee oversees multiple programs. Cee is a member of the Washington County Behavioral Health Council, the Oregon State Hospital Seclusion and Restraint Committee, the Tri-County Committee for Managing High ED/EMS Utilization, and the Metro Area Crisis Action Council.

Cee has overcome a host of challenges, including a three year hospitalization at a state hospital from the age of 18 to 21, where Cee received multiple diagnoses. During this time Cee was considered “medication- and treatment-resistant,” and it was not expected that Cee would ever leave the institution. Cee became a recipient of Social Security entitlements at 18 based on the diagnosis of permanent psychiatric disability from “severe and persistent mental illness,” and continued to receive those entitlements until the age of 35. Cee struggled and stumbled for years while attempting to come to terms with a history of neglect, poverty and abuse. There was never any expectation or hope expressed among practitioners that Cee might recover.

Despite this, Cee worked diligently to become educated on the variety of alternative treatments and skills that can increase resilience and lead to post-traumatic growth and has put them into practice. Cee’s work with peers expedited this process and Cee is now fully adapted to living life on life’s terms. Cee believes in the inherent right to live a self-determined and self-directed life, and that, with a little hope and positive mentorship, recovery is possible for anyone.

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