Grit & Grace: Multicultural Women's Mental Health Conference!

Come on September 28th to the first annual Grit & Grace: Multicultural Women’s Mental Health Conference!

This is a 1-day innovative program to inspire, educate and empower women to take charge of their mental health and cultivate resilience and well-being. To learn more and register, please visit It will be an inspiring event!

According to the report Count Her In published by the Women’s Foundation of Oregon, nearly half of Oregon’s women and girls have experienced childhood trauma such as abuse or neglect. And, Oregon women have the highest incidence of reported depression in the country.

The conference will be gender-responsive and tailored to address the unique mental health needs of women focusing on a multitude of factors affecting women including adverse childhood experiences, social and cultural factors, race and ethnicity, immigration and acculturation, class, gender, poverty, homelessness, violence, and trauma.

Grit & Grace aims to reach 300 women; helping them feel less alone, more connected and empowered to seek help for themselves or a loved one struggling with a mental health condition. The conference is designed for women impacted by mental health conditions and healthcare professionals serving this community.